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QRes is a small freeware application that provides automation for the Microsoft QuickRes screen mode change in Windows 95 and 98. QuickRes allows you to change color depth and screen resolution without restarting the machine. QuickRes is built in in Windows 98, ME and newer versions of Windows 95 and can be downloaded as an add-on for the original version of Windows 95. QRes adds a front end to QuickRes so that you can automatically switch color mode or screen resolution when you start a Windows application. For instance, when you start a game that uses 640 x 480 pixels screen area and requires 256 color mode, you can make QRes automatically switch to this screen mode as long as you run the game and switch back to your regular screen mode when the game is over.
QRes uses the built-in capabilities of Microsoft QuickRes for the screen mode switch. The added benefit that QRes offers is automation: the game player does not have to remember to switch to the correct screen mode before starting the game, doesn’t even have to know or understand which mode to use. This is especially useful when the computer is used by small children or other computer illiterates.
The QRes software package offers two support components to simplify screen mode configuration:

QRes also works on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. On these platforms QRes can switch resolution directly without relying on QuickRes, so that it also works if you do not enable the screen mode icon.

You can download QRes from the Software Cave web site.

New in 2005: QRes source code available as Open Source

Visit QRes at SourceForge.net! After the Software Cave commercial operation ended, the QRes source code has been published as Open Source so that others may contribute to this freeware product of Software Cave. You now find the source code of QRes on the Download page of the Software Cave web site and in the qres project on SourceForge.net. The QRes source code is released under the BSD License as published by the Open Source Initiative and is free for private and commercial use.
Please make sure that you read the open source license in license.txt and the build instructions in readme-build.txt (both contained in the distribution zip file) before using the sources. Visit the QRes Open Source forum on the Software Cave site to discuss QRes sources with other developers.

History of QRes

A short history of QRes... the geeky way, with version numbers and in reverse chronological order :P

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